American Legion rebranding addresses need to modernize

March 15, 2023

Visitors to Keeter Stadium and readers of ALWS literature are seeing a new logo for the series. And an old logo. The old logo, or what can be referred to as the current logo, is still appearing on literature and signage this year but it is making its way out as a new logo takes the stage.
The change is part of a broad rebranding program by The American Legion. The two-color rebranding is reflected in logos for The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, the Sons of The American Legion, The American Legion Riders, American Legion Baseball, and The American Legion World Series.
According to American Legion publications, the new brand mark “was created to address the need to modernize The American Legion brand to appeal to the next generation of veterans. Moreover, the new brand mark takes into consideration a host of applications that the (creators of the) original emblem could never have anticipated. Those include digital and social media, special event and sports marketing, lifestyle apparel and more.”
Since its founding in 1919, The American Legion has been represented by its emblem. The new brand mark does not replace the emblem. Instead, both the emblem and the brand mark are to be used in specific applications: The brand mark will be used in all marketing communications applications while the emblem will be reserved for official documents and communications.