General Admission  AVAILABLE

Entire Tournament Ticket: $35

Adult Day Pass Ticket:  AVAILABLE

$10 (good for all games that day); available only at Keeter Stadium on the day of the games.

Student Day Pass Ticket: AVAILABLE

$5; available only at Keeter Stadium for all the games that day.

Holders of Day Passes will receive a wristband when they enter the stadium the first time. Passholders who leave the stadium must wear a wristband to reenter the stadium or purchase a Day Pass.

Box Seats $75: SOLD OUT

Reserved Seats $60: SOLD OUT

Rocking Chair Seat: SOLD OUT

$200 for Renewal of previous Rocking Chair. (Ticket holder must sit in previously purchased chair.) SOLD OUT

WAITING LIST: The current waiting list for a Box Seat, Reserved Seat or Rocking Chair Seat has over 100 names for all three lists. We are suspending the addition of names to the list until we can provide tickets to the people on the current waiting list.

We appreciate the FANTASTIC fan support we have received and when the waiting list becomes manageable, we will once again take names for Box, Reserved and Rocking Chair seating.