Volunteer Application

The ALWS Executive Committee needs volunteers to work as gatekeepers, ushers, and concession staff.

Gatekeepers are responsible for checking tickets at the main gate during the ALWS games. They must be aware of the different types of tickets and how each should be handled. Gatekeepers typically work four-hour shifts. Volunteers are needed for day games.

Ushers are responsible for helping ticket holders find their seats. Ushers must be knowledgeable about Keeter Stadium and the numbering of reserved seats, box seats, rocking chair seats and the correct locations for handicapped fans. Ushers wear yellow vests over their volunteer T-shirts; the word USHER is on the back so fans entering the stadium can read it. Ushers typically work three-hour shifts (one game).

Concession staff work in the main concession stand, at the drink and snack tent next to the concession stand or at the grill next to the concession stand. They typically work three-hour shifts (one game); they are asked to be at the stadium one hour before the game for which they are working.